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SITAR Indigo Jug - 500ml

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Earthenware jug pieces make stunning additions to any home, serving as elegant jugs or charming vases.

These pieces are meticulously hand-thrown, featuring a tan body interior coated in a glossy indigo glaze and adorned with traditional slip-trailed patterns in white.

Each piece bears the artist's signature on its base.

SIZE: Approx 14cm x 12cm / 500ml 



The Sitar family, celebrated master craftsmen, use traditional methods from the Baia Mare region in north-west Romania to craft their designs.

With a rich history of skillful workmanship, they've made a big impact on Romanian culture. At the heart of their legacy are Florica and Petru Sitar, a married pair whose natural talent turned their craft into a true art form. Their influence has passed down through each of their five children and now to their grandchildren.

The Sitars' creativity doesn't stop at shaping clay; it's a journey to bring back old designs, patterns, and colours from historical cultural centres in the area. By bringing back forgotten styles and motifs, they've mixed ancient traditions with modern artistic flair.

Every piece of Sitar ceramics shines with a flawless glaze and a mix of whites, reds, greens, blacks, and plenty of blues. Their detailed designs, whether drawn by hand or made with precise geometry, showcase a blend of astral, geomorphic, floral, and animal patterns in different styles. Using brushes, horns, and even their fingers, the artists create images with deep meaning, like the circle, serpent, winding path, tree of life, and spirit bird.

We're over the moon to share this amazing collection with you and hope you're as enchanted by it as we are.



We do everything possible to ensure that your items will arrive on time and undamaged. As with all handmade crafts, no two pieces are the same, and, as a result, minor differences may exist from piece-to-piece. Each pattern is unique and showcases imperfections and the marks of the craftsman. Colours may also vary depending on the piece selected.

In the pursuit of ensuring a long life for your pottery, as well as keeping the beautiful colours as vibrant as the day they were made, we recommend washing by hand.

SITAR Indigo Jug - 500ml
SITAR Indigo Jug - 500ml
SITAR Indigo Jug - 500ml
SITAR Indigo Jug - 500ml
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