Founded by Textiles Designer Alice Munteanu, CASA DE FOLKLORE offers a unique range of artisanal products, each with a strong identity and a practical purpose in the home.Every one-of-a-kind piece comes straight to you from the artisan's workshop.

About Alice

Born and raised in Romania, Alice moved to the UK at the young age of eleven. Determined not to lose touch with her ancestral roots, Alice spent her early life surrounding herself with traditional Romanian folk art and homewares. Starting with her grandma's hand-woven rugs and tapestries, her collection slowly grew to include the clay and wooden ornaments she loves so much today. These items not only adorne Alice's home but also keep her childhood memories close. 

Our Vision

CASA DE FOLKLORE was founded with the desire to protect skills and heritage that have been passed down for generations. Together with the artisans, we are working to keep these traditions alive, ensuring that their stories and art live on. 

Our Products

Borne out of a passion for handmade craftsmanship, each piece has been carefully hand-picked and considered, not only for its beauty but also for the love and care that went into its creation. No two pieces are the same, each one tells the story of its journey from the raw clay and natural materials, through the skilled hands of the artisan, to your home.

The Future

With your help and support, we aim to recruit and develop new relationships with more artisans from across Romania, showcasing their work and bringing you new, beautiful pieces to cherish for years to come.