Lime Hand-Painted Eggs
Lime Hand-Painted Eggs
Lime Hand-Painted Eggs

Lime Hand-Painted Eggs

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The tradition says that people who knock painted eggs on the first day of Easter will see each other after death.

Throughout time, painting Easter eggs has become an art of its own in Romania’s villages, the painter’s role being initially reserved only for women. While painting eggs is even today a skill very few master as the process is long and meticulous, some Romanian artisans have transformed these hollowed-out eggs into unique works of art, exhibited all around the world.

Although the colors and symbols used to decorate the eggs vary according to the region, usually three-four colors are used, each with its own meaning. Red symbolizes love and solar light, black is eternity, yellow is about youth and rich crops while green relates to nature and blue to health and sunny skies.