Lilac Syrup & Infused Water

Every year we wait for the magical scent of lilac bushes to announce the arrival of spring.Their sweet scent naturally soothes, relaxes and lifts the spirit. These short-lived blossoms explode with flowers and colour for a few short weeks around mid-May. 
For centuries, lilac flowers were used in folklore remedies. Nowadays, the flowers, which have a subtle fragrance – described by many as a scent of roses with a hint of vanilla – are used to make cakes, syrups, yoghurts, and cocktails.
 These recipes are absolutely delicious and so simple to make… enjoy them while you can!


Lilac Syrup


1 cup lilac flowers (without leaves or stalks) 

1 cup filtered water

1 cup unbleached, unrefined sugar



Mix the water and sugar together in a medium saucepan and bring to boil for 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat.

Pour the lilac flowers over the sugar water. If desired, add a few blueberries for colour. Stir in well and leave overnight.

Strain the liquid through a piece of muslin and pour into a sterile bottle for storage. Always refrigerate once opened.

 For all you cocktail lovers out there, add ice, a splash of gin or vodka, a couple of fresh lilac flowers and top with sparkling water or soda.

Delightfully refreshing on a warm day and the perfect way to savour spring.

Lilac Infused Water 


Lilac flowers

Filtered water



Place a lilac blossom into a pitcher of water for a few hours or overnight, allowing its essence to infuse the water. It’s like drinking a glass of spring.

 Keep a pitcher full in the fridge for everyday use and don't be afraid to refill the water, using the same blossom a few times.

With each sip, anxiety melts away. Don’t let the season pass you by without trying this.