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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Growing up in Romania, Easter was the most magical time of year. The whole village would be working together to bake cakes and paint eggs in time for blessings at church.  Clean clothing must be worn and a bath containing a red Easter egg and coins is used for washing. Those memories will forever stay with us, so every year we dye eggs to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and to feel close to home.
Easter is a reminder of fertility and abundance, so turn to nature’s colour using food waste and ingredients straight from your kitchen. The whole family will enjoy this ritual, especially the little ones.
Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs - Casa De Folklore
What You Will Need
    Fresh, clean tights
    Onion Skins
    Red Cabbage
    Flowers and Leaves (of your choice)


    Boil the eggs
     Slice the cabbage into small pieces
    Cut the tights to 5-inch pieces


    Place a flower or leaf over a boiled egg.
    Wrap the tights over the egg, pull and tie tightly to hold the flower in place.
    Repeat the steps for the rest.
    Transfer the onion skins and cabbage to separate pots.
    Place the eggs deep into the cabbage (for blue) or onion skins (for red).
    Fill up the pot with water and add a dash of vinegar.
    Bring the pots to a boil over medium heat.
    Turn of the heat and cover the pots with a lid and allow to cool down.
    Keep the pot in refrigerator for 5 hours or overnight.
    Remove the pots from refrigerator.
    Cut the tights off the eggs and clean with a napkin.
    To finish it all off, rub the eggs with a little cooking oil on cotton wool for extra shine.


    Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs - Casa De Folklore